Wisdom on Wednesdays—A passion for the permanence of matter

Carl Schmitt: The Vision of Beauty

“Religion today is often nothing more than a concept.
“Hence the seeming dichotomy between religion and beauty.
“For the artist has an instinct for material absolutes: he has a passion for the permanence of matter which the philosopher, in his specialization, seems to ignore.  Hence, a Roman Paganism seems necessary to balance the Greco-Jewish religion which tends either to Gnosticism, or concepts, or both, avoiding the Incarnation and death of a God-man.”  (1952)

CSF12004Madonna Against a Hillside, oil on canvas, 24 x 20 in.

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Joy IS a Legitimate Spiritual Way

Lordy, after Sarah Palin’s Barracuda Brigade, I needed this rush of good vibes!

joy of nine9

 Just like C.S. Lewis, I was Surprised by Joy. Of course there are certain serious Catholic bloggers who have a problem with my spirituality. Often traditional, Pre-Vatican ll prophets of doom, who religiously fast and recite prescribed set prayers for hours each day, take exception to my childlike spirit of joy. Yet this path was not of my choosing. I craved a life which would embrace an intense regime of self-sacrifice as a consecrated, contemplative religious. When God called me to marriage and to be a mother, I really did feel like I was accepting second best. Then, twenty years ago, a consecrated, contemplative who served in a  listening house,  said to me,

” You really have been given the best of both worlds. You are married with children yet you are living the contemplative life.”

Her response still brings tears to my eyes. To live a childlike spirituality…

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Christian Prayer

Christian Prayer. Reform and Renewal (through Prayer) are every bit as important as Eternal Vigilance is, in the preservation of freedom.